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Wholesale meat production in Lauria

Our company carefully selects the raw materials with which to make our sausages. At our meat wholesale you can find a wide range of high quality whole pieces - as always, handcrafted and typical of Lucania or other regions of Italy. By visiting our headquarters, you can buy capocollo, lombetto, pancetta, culatello, lard, ham, and bacon.
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Capocollo: seasoned specialties

Among our seasoned specialties, you can find an excellent capocollo, obtained by salting the meat located between the head and shoulder of the pig.

The maturing process can vary from three to four months, according to your tastes and needs.

Lombetto: pure pleasantry

At our wholesale meat factory, you can also order the excellent lombetto, stuffed into natural gut and made from pork loin thinly coated by lard.

In this case, the maturing process can vary from two to four months.

Stretched and rolled bacon: excellent salami

The pancetta, in its double stretched and rolled version, is one of the most requested and appreciated cold cuts.

Thanks to slow processing and the addition of special spices that enhance the taste, our pancetta is a symbol of high quality and excellence.

The culatello: Lucanian delight

The culatello is one of the finest products among all of the cured meats produced in our wholesale factory.

Of typical Lucan origin, this specialty is made with the finest part of the pork leg, bringing to your table a culinary tradition that has lasted for centuries.

The guanciale: tasty and unique

The guanciale, rich in taste and flavor, is seasoned for about two months. You can savor it naturally, sauteed, or sliced, alone or as an enrichment to other recipes.

We invite you to visit our wholesale meat factory to order your supply of cured meats - you will be pleasantly satisfied!
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